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Sell Andre The Giant Autograph - WWF Wrestling

by Abraham Natanzadeh on January 02, 2023

Meeting Andre the Giant and getting autographs

Even if you are not a wrestling fan, you have heard the name Andre the Giant before. This colossal wrestler was not one that you want to underestimate in the ring. Andre stood at 7 feet and 4 inches and weighed in at 500 pounds. He was quite famous based on his size alone and coupled with his skills, personality, and energy in the ring, he was a fan favorite.

Andre the Giant was born in 1946 and was nicknamed Monster Roussimoff and Monster Eiffel Tower when he started his wrestling career. Vince McMahon signed Andre to the WWE in 1972 and this is when the name “Andre the Giant” was officially born.

Fans of the wrestler were loyal and showed up to see him at live events knowing that his competition was never a match for him. In fact, he would effortlessly knock down opponents and take the win. In 1987, Andre drew in one of the biggest crowds in WWE history with a record of 90,000 fans in attendance.

While Andre made a name for himself in the wrestling world, he also made his way to stardom and debuted in a movie named The Six Million Dollar Man in 1975. He held additional roles in movies too.

In 1993, Andre the Giant passed away.

Signed Andre the Giant Photos and Collectibles Are Valuable

Do you have Andre the Giant collectibles or signed photos in your collection? If so, you are holding a piece of history right in your hand and it may be quite valuable too. Many wrestling fans and collectors are searching for autographed photos and more.

To determine the value of the autograph you own, you will want to consider the following three things:

  • First, is the wrestler alive today? This matters because it will determine the value of the autograph. For example, can a new autograph be obtained easily? Andre the Giant is no longer alive and passed away in 1993, which means his autograph is likely to hold value since one cannot obtain it anymore.

  • Second, do you have a short or full autograph? This matters too because a full-name autograph is worth more than a shortened name. This is not to say that a shortened name is not worth anything, it is just less valuable than a full signature.

  • Lastly, is the autographed piece authentic? This is probably the most important of any of the factors to consider. If you have a fake piece on your hands, you will not be able to gain any value from it. A lot of fakes do exist on the market, and it is important that you have your piece authenticated to ensure its validity. A truly authentic piece will hold value.

Sell Your Andre the Giant Autograph Today

If you want to sell an Andre the Giant autograph, you have options. First, you want to know that the piece you have is authentic, which means you will need to have it authenticated. This can be an expensive process but is the only true way to tell if you have a fake or not. If your piece is authenticated, it will come with a certificate.

Your other option is to work with us. At Maniac Joe, we are ready to purchase your wrestling collection and signed autographs. You do not have to have your items authenticated before you visit us. If you want to sell us your Andre the Giant autograph or memorabilia, simply visit our shop and bring your collection with you. We will provide you with a fair offer and you can walk out of our shop with cash in hand. Stop by today or give us a call!