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Selling Macho Man Randy Savage Autograph / Signed Photo

by Abraham Natanzadeh on January 10, 2023

Sell Signed Wrestling Memorabilia Today

Did you know that signed wrestling memorabilia can carry a lot of value? Many people are on the hunt to get their hands on pieces that you may have right in your home. Signed photographs and other pieces can fetch you a pretty penny but you must make sure that they are authentic. Fortunately, you can get your autographs from wrestling superstars authenticated quickly and easily. While it is exciting to think that you may have a very valuable piece on your hands, it is important to know that disappointment may be a result of the authentication process as well.

Unfortunately, fakes float around and even a collector may sell you a fake autograph, so the only way to be sure you have a quality and real piece is to have it authenticated on your own. If you are trying to sell a Macho Man Randy Savage autograph, you definitely want to make sure it is real and holds value.

Authenticate Your Macho Man Randy Savage Autograph

Before you can sell your autograph, you need to have it authenticated first. You want to work with a well-known company such as PSA, JSA, or Beckett, as these are some of the top in the industry. While there are many real autographs and memorabilia out there, there is also a lot of fake items and buyers want to know that they are getting the real deal. You can protect yourself and secure the value of your autograph with this process.

If you do have your item authenticated, it will come with a letter of authenticity that will contain the serial number of your item. The biggest downside to having your item authenticated is that it can be expensive to do so.

Sell Your Macho Man Randy Savage Autographed Memorabilia Today

If you are holding onto Macho Man Randy Savage autographed material or you have a variety of WWE memorabilia you want to get rid of and sell, don’t hesitate to contact Maniac Joe. We will work closely with you to purchase your collection at a fair price. One of the nice things about working with us is that you do not have to pay to have your items authenticated beforehand. In fact, simply bring the items to us and we will negotiate a fair price with you.

At Maniac Joe, we have been in business for over two decades and we purchase anything from signed photographs to rare and unique signed collectibles, WCW promo photos, and even signed 8x10 press photos. Don’t hesitate and wait too long to cash in on what you have and reach out to our team today.